Tech as a Service: Winning in the Cloud

TSW is an unrivaled source of peer learning, networking, and idea sharing. Join us to learn how top technology companies are executing the tech-as-a-service business model.

About Technology Services World San Diego 2016 Conference

Virtually every technology company now offers a solution using the tech-as-a-service model. Whether you're a pure play cloud company or an established provider of hybrid solutions, some percentage of your company's revenue is tied to a recurring revenue subscription model. And while the model is no longer new, it is far from perfect. After more than fifteen years of industry-wide acceptance and adoption, companies have still not matured their practices around how to build and scale a profitable cloud business.

At Technology Services World San Diego 2016, we will share the industry's first comprehensive Tech-as-a-Service Playbook from TSIA that lays out the models and frameworks for how to build a cloud business that optimizes performance around the core business fundamentals of revenue, profits, and earnings. You can expect to hear from TSIA's executive thought leaders as well as top industry practitioners on topics that include:

  • Tech-as-a-service portfolio and pricing
  • Tech-as-a-service financial model
  • Tech-as-a-service customer engagement models
  • Driving customer adoption
  • The top three killers of cloud profitability

The content and conversations at this conference will be highly relevant to the following constituents:

  • Service leaders that are being asked to build service capabilities to surround a tech-as-a-service offer
  • Sales leaders that are being forced to re-engineer their selling motion to cost effectively land and grow tech-as-a-service customers
  • Product designers that are working to develop cloud offers that are sticky
  • CFOs that are working to model the target financial model for new tech-as-a-service offers
  • Marketing executives that are being asked to create pricing models for new tech-as-a-service offers that maximize profitability

TSW Keynote Livestream

Join us for the two keynote presentations by TSIA executives.

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