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About TSW 2015 Service Transformations

Every business shares a common goal: grow revenue. For most tech companies, this task has traditionally been the responsibility of the sales and marketing functions whose focus has been to identify and close new business.

Today, companies recognize that while acquiring customers is still an important and necessary pursuit, there is an enormous and largely under-exploited growth lever that lies within reach. Specifically, they want to drive revenue expansion from existing customers.

It seems obvious, yet like most things worth doing, the execution is hard. In this case, it is a highly complex undertaking that requires the participation of every function in the company.

At the center of this transformation sit the services functions that are involved in virtually every post-sale customer engagement life cycle touchpoint—the Adopt, Expand, and Renew motions defined in the TSIA LAER Framework:

The TSIA LAER Framework

When these motions are executed well by services and are supported by all other corporate functions, companies create a powerful platform from which they can drive customer success and grow revenue at scale.

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Benefits of Attending

Benefits of Attending

TSW 2015 Service Transformations will explore how tech companies can transform their service capabilities and effectively leverage and engage all corporate functions to grow customers successfully. Learn more about the benefits of attending by downloading the brochure.

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Learn how you can accelerate the revenue growth of your company by growing existing customers.

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