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About TSW 2014 Best Practices

Extreme Efficiency

Service organizations have been pursuing efficiency for decades. The goal? Faster case resolution, more automated service delivery, and of course, reduced costs and better service margins.

Arguably, the quest for service efficiency has never been more important than it is today where the pressure to continue to achieve improved operating margins is escalating. Adding urgency to this imperative is the goal for service organizations to streamline traditional service delivery as much as possible with a new end game in mind — the provisioning of higher-value Outcome Services.

As defined in TSIA’s 2013 book, B4B: How Technology and Big Data Are Reinventing the Customer-Supplier Relationship, Outcome Services are focused on helping end customers effectively apply technology to achieve specific, measurable business outcomes. And the service organization is the front line for making this happen.

The TSW 2014 Best Practices conference will provide a window into which service organizations are applying the best efficiency techniques in the industry and the results they are achieving. This applies to all service disciplines and will address a specific set of efficiency-related business issues.

A special emphasis will be placed on Extreme Automation — the holy grail of service efficiency in which a service process has been totally technology-enabled, thereby eliminating the human capital element of service delivery. Extreme Automation often involves the intelligent application of consumption data and analytics and the idea of Success Science — the practice of studying, understanding and codifying what makes customers successful. 

Our industry is on a journey to transform for the new era of Outcome Services. At TSW 2014 Best Practices: Extreme Efficiency, attendees will discover how to accelerate their shift to prepare for the changes that lie ahead.