About TSW 2015 Best Practices

The ability to drive customer adoption and outcomes has become table stakes for technology suppliers, especially (but not exclusively) for those with an X-as-a-service business model. This new imperative is highly correlated to the economic realities of subscription revenue streams.

In the world of subscription, customers have not purchased ownership of a technology. They are not stuck if they are not satisfied. If customers do not constantly renew their commitment to using the technology, revenues and profits suffer in the subscription business model.

The safest way to ensure customer renewal is to drive adoption and outcomes. Customers will not abandon technology that is being used on a daily basis and is producing meaningful business results.

Services are at the epicenter of the adoption and outcomes shift. Service organizations must quickly develop the capabilities to execute these critical new customer success plays. At TSW 2015 Best Practices, we will explore what this means through industry practitioner case studies and open peer-to-peer discussions, providing service leaders with actionable insights into what works.


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