Technology Services World San Diego 2017

TSW is an unrivaled source of peer learning, networking, and idea sharing. Join us to learn how to transform your technology service organization and achieve new levels of customer value and corporate success.

About Technology Services World San Diego 2017 Conference

The technology industry continues to experience major transformation as everything from business models to customer expectations continue to evolve. At Technology Services World San Diego 2017, we will explore the latest trends affecting the technology industry and share insights for how to capitalize on the exciting opportunities these changes are creating for service organizations and beyond.

The content and conversations at this conference will be highly relevant to technology services professionals in a wide variety of roles, including:

  • Service leaders responsible for building service capabilities that scale with the business and deliver business outcomes.
  • Sales leaders that are looking for ways to re-engineer their selling motion to cost effectively land and expand customers.
  • Product designers that are working to develop competitive offers that are both sticky and profitable.
  • CFOs that are working to identify the target financial model for the new tech-as-a-service model.

Networking and Idea Sharing

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