Art and Science of the Customer Journey

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About the TSW Las Vegas 2017 Conference

Learn how technology companies are designing and delivering an experience that unlocks profits for both customers and suppliers.

The journey you take your customers on through day-to-day interactions and the organizational changes you need to make to successfully deliver those outcomes are crucial to achieving high growth and profitability going forward. The industry is rapidly changing, from the way customers buy and consume their technology to how suppliers make money. As a result, tech companies are having to rethink how they operate, beginning with their customer journeys.

At the heart of this change is knowing how to connect your products and services to the outcomes your customers hope to achieve, ensuring they derive the most value from your offers. To optimize your ability to deliver measurable business outcomes through your technology, you must deliver a consistent customer experience that keeps them consuming more and more of your value.

The content and conversations at this conference will be highly relevant to technology services professionals in a wide variety of roles, including:

  • Service leaders responsible for building service capabilities that scale with the business and deliver business outcomes.
  • Sales leaders that are looking for ways to re-engineer their selling motion to cost-effectively land and expand customers.
  • Product designers that are working to develop competitive offers that are both sticky and profitable.
  • CFOs that are working to identify the target financial model for the new tech-as-a-service model.
Benefits of Attending

Benefits of Attending

TSW 2015 Service Transformations will explore how tech companies can transform their service capabilities and effectively leverage and engage all corporate functions to grow customers successfully. Learn more about the benefits of attending by downloading the brochure.

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