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About TSW Service Transformations

Corporate Growth In the Age of Services

The new tech company operating model defined in TSIA’s groundbreaking book, B4B, is being embraced by technology companies of all sizes in every corner of our industry. The primary pivot prescribed in B4B is the shift to delivering new Level 3 and Level 4 services that, respectively, are oriented around driving customer adoption and delivering business outcomes.

At the center of this massive change sits the services organization and its leaders who are being called upon to take on new and expanded charters and to transform virtually every facet of traditional service business models, processes and structures.

How do companies become better at services to support the industry shift towards delivering adoption and outcome services? TSW 2014 Service Transformations will provide practical guidance and real-world examples of how to execute the change in these key topic areas:

  • Sales Transformation
  • Services Offer Transformation
  • Customer Success
  • Consumption Analytics
  • Services Delivery Transformation
  • Product Capabilities
  • Services Organization Structure Transformation

TSW Service Transformations will empower services and other functional leaders with the information and ideas needed to help their companies compete and thrive in the new consumption economy.