Technology Services World San Diego 2018

TSW is an unrivaled source of peer learning, networking, and idea sharing. Join us to learn how to transform your technology service organization and achieve new levels of customer value and corporate success.

About Technology Services World San Diego 2018 Conference

Learn how technology companies are leveraging the expertise of both their Sales and Service teams to land, retain, and grow customers.

Your Service teams interact with customers between 5-15 times more than Sales. They are on the front lines of observing customer challenges and making recommendations that tie your company's solutions to solving their problems. The relationship equity they've built with your customers puts them in the position of trusted advisor, which is exactly the dynamic your Sales team needs for successful cross-sell and upsell.

This is why more successful technology businesses are leveraging the expertise of their Service teams by pulling them up into pre-sales activities. Whether its solution architects, consultants, or customer success managers (CSMs), your customers want to know they're talking with the experts they'll be working with each step of the way, even before they make their decision to purchase.

But, this collaboration between these two functions requires a delicate touch. You don't want to violate that trusted advisor role, but rather, your entire organization must share the common goal of doing what they truly believe will help the customer. So, how do you find the right blend of Sales and Service to apply to each stage along the customer journey? At TSW San Diego 2018, you'll discover how Service and Sales can work together to unlock new opportunities for revenue growth and customer retention by helping the customer achieve their desired outcomes.

The content and conversations at this conference will be highly relevant to technology services professionals in a wide variety of roles, including:

  • Service leaders of all kinds, including customer success, education services, field services, managed services, professional services, and support services
  • Sales leaders that are looking for ways to re-engineer their selling motion to cost-effectively land and expand customers
  • Product and Product Marketing leaders that are working to develop competitive offers that are both sticky and profitable
  • Marketing leaders focused on demand generation of new customers and upsell and cross-sell
  • Channel partner strategy owners
  • Channel partners focused on improving their role in the XaaS business model

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